Lawsuit Loans – A No-Hassle Way to Get a Portion of Your Settlement Now

You’re involved in a personal injury lawsuit and waiting for your settlement.  Meanwhile, it’s getting very difficult to pay the bills, with no clue on when your lawsuit will actually complete – it could be weeks, even months or longer.  Lawsuit loans help those who qualify get a portion of their settlement right now, without the typical hassles you normally encounter with a conventional loan.  If you’re considering taking the low offer the insurance company is dangling in front of you because of financial hardship, keep reading to learn why you don’t have to – and shouldn’t.

Lawsuit loans are really just advances against an individual’s expected settlement.  In most cases, those who are approved are advanced about 10% of their expected settlement.  This money can keep you out of financial debt, helping you pay medical costs, household expenses, attorney fees and more, helping you live normally while waiting for your lawsuit to reach settlement.

The great thing about lawsuit loans is that you can apply and get your money within 24 hours, with no hassles.  Litigation financing companies usually approve those who apply and have a strong case.  The only information you will be asked for is related to your case, such as how the accident happened, what your injuries were, etc.  You will not be subject to a credit check or employment verification, and there are not monthly payments or application fees to worry about.  And one more thing – you repay the funding company ONLY if you win!

Lawsuit loans are non-recourse, which means that you repay the litigation funding company only when you win.  Any fees or interest are paid at this time as well, and not before.  If for any reason you are not awarded a settlement, you owe nothing.  Repaying the advance only upon receiving your money helps you stay afloat, since there are no monthly payments to send you deeper into debt.

Your attorney has the opportunity to fight for the full compensation you deserve, yet you’re persuaded to simply settle for the low-ball offer the insurance company throws at you.  Don’t let the insurance company win!  Lawsuit loans help you pay the bills and keep the creditors off of your door so that your lawyer can win all you are entitled to, even if it takes months.  Talk to your attorney about litigation funding today, and apply to see if you qualify for an advance.

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