Lawsuit Loans Can Be the Answer to Your Financial Prayers When You Are the Plaintiff in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Has this happened to you? You’re going along with your life as usual, working, taking care of your family, paying bills just fine – and then all of a sudden, you find yourself flat on your back and unable to do much of anything, thanks to someone else’s negligence.

Suddenly, life comes screeching to a halt. You can’t work, you can’t pay your bills – and you begin to struggle financially. While not much can be done about your injuries and recovery time, there is a way to receive money while you wait for your personal injury lawsuit to settle or win in court. You can do so through something called lawsuit loans.

What are lawsuit loans through Mayfield Settlement Funding?

Lawsuit loans are a kind of litigation financing whereby you can in effect “borrow against” your expected settlement or jury award in your personal injury case. There are a few requirements you must meet in order to qualify for one of these loans. Number one, you must be the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit case that is likely to win or settle out of court. Number two, you must have hired your learner on contingency, meaning that he or she does not get paid unless you win your case. And number three, your lawyer must agree that applying for lawsuit loans is a good idea. If you meet these three requirements, you can qualify for this type of litigation financing.

No collateral, no financial hoops to jump through

Unlike other types of loans, you don’t have to provide collateral – except the proof that you are involved in a valid personal injury lawsuit case that’s likely to win or settle out of court. In effect, your future settlement or jury award is the collateral for this loan.

Money to use for whatever you wish

When you qualify for one of these loans, you can expect to receive about 10% of your future expected jury award or settlement. You can use it to pay bills, or for whatever you wish. When you do win your case or it settles out of court, you’ll pay the company back the money borrowed, plus fees and interest. Importantly, though, if you don’t win, you don’t have to pay the money back at all. That’s right. You are free to go, owing nothing in return for having been loaned this money.

Why wait? Mayfield Lawsuit loans can give you the money you need to take care of bills so that you don’t have to worry while your case wends its way through the courts. Just focus on recovery and on getting back to normal life.

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